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Description: is a restless game. Enter the arena and fight with other players with your restless spinners. You can choose colors and fight fun! Collect scattered points to increase your RPM. You must be patient when collecting points to continue building your RPM; A higher RPM is always better.
Conflict your spinner with the others to make the two spinner points scattered, then quickly reach them all. Increase your speed to chase other players easily, but use it wisely because this is sacrificing your current RPM. You have to pay attention to other spinners who are 4 times faster because they can immediately kill you with one collision. This game also presents Whirlpools! Enter the whirlpool and shoot with crazy speed. It’s useful both to escape and attack!

Continue to increase your RPM and dominate the arena with your spinner. You can also use the invitation link to ask your friends to join the same room to play Spinzio together and share the fun. Good luck!

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