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Description: is a fun and interesting online resource collection game. You control a colored drill which has several functions – using the left click button of your mouse, you can mine resources such as rocks and wood from trees and rocks. Or you can use the right mouse button to attack other players and destroy their training. You start with basic training, but you can improve this exercise with various tips by mining the ingredients. For example, if you collect 50 logs, you can upgrade your wood drill to a rock drill. Scattered around the map there are different material deposits and you can only mine certain materials when you have a certain type of drill. For example, you can only mine coal when you have a rock drill or better. You must remain vigilant at all times and be alert to attack the enemy. If you are damaged, you can get away from the fight and let your health recover.
To move, press WASD or arrow keys
To drill, press left mouse button
To place a block, left click the block and choose the location on the map

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