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Castle Arena is an amazing strategy game where you have to gather troops, build defenses, and destroy enemies on the battlefield. At the beginning of the game, you have a castle and two defense towers – this tower automatically attacks incoming enemy troops and protects your castle. You can also build barracks, huts and witches’ huts that allow you to build additional troops to fight. Your unit generates structures that train troops automatically and you can change which units they produce. You can also build gravity spaces, magician guilds, and court kings that allow you to build enhanced troops and means of defense. You have to plan your buildings carefully and remember that they don’t last forever – each building creates a number of troops and then disappears so you have to keep rebuilding the structure. This game is very fun and requires extraordinary concentration and perseverance! Can you king of the arena and become the ruler of your castle? Good Luck
Drag left mouse button on the unit’s card to the field or use 1 to 8 number to place a building or unit.

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